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Punjabi to English Certified Translation of Legal Documents, Academic Documents & Others

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Rs. 600.00
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✔️ Above is per page price. Do update number of pages below.
✔️ Upon completion of translation, we also email scanned copies before shipping and deliver the hard copies across India and abroad.
✔️ Valid Internationally (Visa/immigration office etc).
✔️ Duly signed, stamped translation on company's letterhead along with an Affidavit/Certificate of Translation.
(For any questions, Whatsapp us)

You can upload documents:-

✅ Academic Documents: School certificate, Mark-sheet, Transcript, Experience letter & certificate, Diploma, Degree etc.

✅ Personal & Legal Documents:
 Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Death certificate, Driving license, Passport, Police clearance certificate, Medical certificate, Medical prescription, F.I.R, Agreement/Contract etc.

✅ Legal Deeds: Sales deed, Lease agreement, Insurance-related deeds, Adoption deeds, Jamabandi/Khatauni (Land record) etc.

✅ Business Documents: Quotation, Tender document, RFPs, Annual report, Policies, Business license, Company registration certificate etc.

✅ Other Documents: Bank statements, Payslips, Utility bills and any other document required certified translation.       

In the case of WhatsApp chats translation for a spouse visa, 4 screenshots are considered equivalent to 1 page. If you are attaching 40 screenshots, update no. of pages as 10 pages.                                     

What you will get:-

✔️ Translation on Letterhead: Translation will be provided on our company's letterhead, duly certified and notarized (Notarized only if you choose the notary option, which is mandatory for Canada).

✔️ Certificate of Translation/Affidavit: A "Certificate of Translation/ Affidavit" printed on our letterhead that authenticates the translation to be true and accurate as per the original document and also the name of the translator and verifier.

✔️ Prints of Original Documents: Along with the translation we also provide prints of original documents, duly signed and stamped by us.

✔️ Soft & Hard Copy:  Soft copies are provided through email and hard copies are shipped to your place.

Authenticity/Warranty of Translation

Our translations are accepted for legal purposes, foreign immigration, PR or other visas in all countries including USCIS (USA), IRCC (Canada).

For all Certified translations, we follow the standard international procedure and guidelines in order for translation to be accepted as official legal translation.

If you are looking for a certified or authorized translation go ahead and upload your documents, add them to the cart and checkout. You will receive an immediate confirmation email and SMS.


  • In case of an urgent translation request, you can email or call us before placing an order at crm@ideallinguatranslations.com. We will get back within 2-3 working hours during business days MON-SAT.

  • You can also write instructions in the notes section available on the cart page.