About Us

We, Ideal Lingua Translations is a translation firm based in New Delhi, India. We have been providing translation services since 2011 in various domains including Business, Marketing, Medical, Life Sciences, Information & Technology, Manufacturing, Engineering, Creative, Personal and Legal etc.

We are trusted by thousands of our customers and clients all over the world that include many big companies, firms, industries of their niche. Our main purpose is to provide you with the best service and offer the best you deserve. We believe in making long-term relationships instead of earning money only. Our aim is to satisfy our clients and fulfill their requirements in time.

Ideal Lingua Translations is an ISO-certified company that fulfills all your requirements related to translation services. Our services include Certified Translation, Voice over service, Transcription service, Interpretation Service, Translation in all niches like; Business, Marketing, IT etc.

Every client means to us and hence we believe in creating values not just making money. It's the reason we have worked with various government organizations and many big companies like; WHO (World Health Organization), CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Aaj Tak, BHEL, ISGEC, DNDI, WhiteHat Jr., Zoho etc. and still doing also hoping to do in the future as well.

Believe in us and rest we are responsible to take it for a long way without disappointing you.