Why do you need the certified and notarized translation of Birth Certificate?

It's common in today's time that if somebody leaves their country for any purpose they must carry their birth certificate with them as identification proof. One thing that must be remembered is that your document should be in the official language of your destination country. If the languages are not the same so you have to get certified and in some cases notarized translation of your birth certificate.

In many cases, you need the certified translation of your birth certificate such as for the immigration process of USCIS, visa application, school enrollment, driving license, US social security benefits application, passport application, business establishment etc.


There are many cases as well where the certified translation isn't enough they want a notarized translation. The requirement can be different from embassies to embassies. If we talk about Canadian immigration so it's mandatory to get the certified and notarization translation.

From where you should get certified and notarized translation?

We, at Ideal Lingua Translations, a certified translation agency provides certified and notarized translation of your documents from Indian languages to English and English to any foreign language.

If you are required to get the certified translation of your birth certificate from any Indian language like Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu etc. to English. You can place your order right now. Just click here, choose your required language pair and upload your birth certificate. Very simple and quick.


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