Why is a certified translation of driving license needed? and how to get the one translated?

A driving license is a legal document issued by the government body to the person who has applied for it and obtained it after passing a required test. It has some important information like the name of the applicant, license no., date of issuance, date of validity, date of birth etc.

If someone has a driving license then the person has the right to drive the respective vehicle. Many times it is required to get the certified translation of your driving license from one language to some other.


You may require it as identity proof or an address proof in your home country or abroad. Or you may need to show the certified translation of your driving license when you are requesting a foreign government authority to grant you permission to drive in their country.

Here we have explained the need for certified translation of driving license, now you may be thinking where should you go for your requirement.

Get certified translation of the driving license:-

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