What does it mean by sponsoring your spouse for Canada immigration?

Spousal sponsorship is how a citizen or permanent resident of Canada can sponsor their partner to move to Canada permanently with their spouse residing in Canada.

The spousal sponsorship takes a minimum of 12 months, it's quite not possible before 12 months but can be longer depending on the nature of the case. If your case is complicated and you are taking too long to prove your relationship then it can take longer than 1 year.


Sponsoring your spouse to Canada means you are the citizen or permanent residence of Canada and living there or if you are the citizen not living there right now but you promise to start living there once your partner comes there.

Sponsoring your spouse also includes that you need to sign an undertaking where you promise to provide financial and basic needs like food, clothes, shelter, medical, facility etc. to your spouse and not going to ask the government for help or support. If your spouse has any depended child 

The person sponsored, has to take care of their spouse until the undertaking period doesn't last even if they get separated, get divorced, or break down. The usual period of the undertaking is 3 years for spousal sponsorship.


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