Get Certified Translation of Marriage Certificate for Canadian Spouse Visa

A Marriage Certificate is one of the most helpful documents to receive a spouse visa. It helps both husband and wife to earn the visa quickly and at the same time. On the behalf of traditional marriages, one can't obtain a spouse visa or any other kind of visa where you need to prove your relationship.

Not only India but also other countries and embassies don't recognize traditional marriages, hence it becomes necessary to have a marriage certificate.

It is mandatory for the couple to present their marriage certificate to visit Canada on a spouse visa. A person submitting his/her marriage certificate in order to receive a Canadian visa must remember the marriage certificate should either be in the English or French language as the government of the country has only these two official languages.


It's not necessary that you have the document in the same language you have been asked for and It's quite possible that you have it in some other language. In that case, the Government of Canada asks applicants to submit the translation of their marriage certificate as supporting document which is done by the professional and certified translation company.


The translation must be attested with the notary for the purpose of Canada. The process of translation is really easy with Ideal Lingua Translations. You just have to click here to place an order.


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