Certified translation of Whatsapp chats for spouse sponsorship

If you are applying for Canadian spouse visa and require certified translation of WhatsApp chats but confused about the complete process, request you to read this post carefully to have clarity. Here We have mentioned each and everything that you should know. Hope you will not have any confusion left at the end of this article.

If you are someone who needs certified translation of WhatsApp chats from Indian language to English and you are not from Delhi as we are established there, no need to worry as our process for the translation is completely online. You can place an order from any corner of the world online.

If we talk about translation so we provide soft copies through email while hard copies are provided to you through courier. Delivery of hard copy is completely free in India. Irrespective of your city, state, country you can place any order from our website by visiting www.ideallinguatranslations.com without even visiting our office physically.


Why is certified translation needed?

When you are sponsored to Canada by your partner you have to prove your relationship with him/her at that time WhatsApp or any social media chat can help you. The chats will only be valid if they are in the English or French language. 

Embassy of Canada doesn't recognize any other language than these two. Make sure to get your WhatsApp chat translated either in English or the French language in order to be valid for spouse visa.

Who can translate?

We have already informed you about the requirement, they need certified and notarized translation only. It means duly signed, certified and attested with the seals and stamps by the certified translator or a translation agency.

We at Ideal Lingua Translations, are eligible to certify your chats. We have a team of native and professional certified translators, who understand your requirement and deliver you accordingly. Our translation is valid for the purpose of spouse visa, immigration, PR purposes etc.

How to compile chats?

Take 40-50 screenshots and it should be enough. We at Ideal Lingua Translations consider 4 screenshots per page, if you have 40 screenshots then simply choose 10 pages while placing an order.

Make sure to include screenshots of continuous chats. Taking 2-3 screenshots of every month's chat history is enough. You can freely skip some particular month or year if you have been talking for so long.

Do include screenshot of the complete screen including name, date, and time.

 What kind of chats you should include?

The immigration/ embassy officers don't need your bundles of chats or any personal information. They just have to check if you really are partners/husband-wife/ fiancé-fiancée talking to each other constantly. Please do include the chats where you both are talking about each others' families.

Process of placing an order online

For Canadian spouse visa, you usually require translation from languages like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil to English.

1. Go to www.ideallinguatranslations.com
2. Click at "Order a Translation" in menu and choose "Any Indian language to English".
3. Choose the language pair you need to get translated and type no. of pages (4 screenshots are equivalent to 1 page).
4. Select "Yes" in the section "Do you want the translation to be notarised too"? If you need translation for Canada so Notarisation is mandatory.

What time do we require for the translation?

We usually take 2-4 days to translate WhatsApp chat. Once we are done with the translation we send you the draft to recheck it and only after your final confirmation we proceed it further with printing, scanning, certification and notarization.

What you will receive?

Here is the specimen of how we provide the certified translation. You can also click here to check how we provide certified translation if these are exported chats or if screenshots.


  • Translation of all pages/documents printed on our letterhead, duly certified, signed, stamped, sealed and notarized (Mandatory for Canada).
  • A Certificate of Translation/ Affidavit on our letterhead that states the translation is true and correct. An affidavit contains date of translation, translator's name, verifier's name, type of document, signature, stamp, seal etc.
  • Signed copy of prints of original documents.
  • Scanned copy are sent through email while hard copies are couriered to your address.

Here you can also see our customers' response. 


Note: In case of any query feel free to email us at crm@ideallinguatranslations.com or call/WhatsApp at +91 8750646517. We will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible






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