Certified Translation of Legal Documents from Hindi to English in India

If you are immigrating to Canada, US, UK, Australia, or any other country from India where the official language is English then you have to get your documents translated into the English language.

In India, Hindi is the most spoken language with 528 million native speakers. It is the reason why Hindi to English certified translation is the most in-demand language pair for translation.

certified-translation-of-legal-documents-from-Hindi to English


When someone goes to a foreign country, the requirement of certified translation occurs if your documents are not in the country's official language.

The applicant needs to submit the translation of their legal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption deed, land record, power of attorney, partnership agreement or any other documents like these in the English language.

At Ideal Lingua Translation, the translation is done by the professional and native translators only to provide you with the best service.

The process of certified translation is very easy and quick with us. Click here to order a translation of legal documents from Hindi to English.



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