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Who We Are

Ideal Lingua Translations is a leading translation services provider dedicated to providing the highest quality language solutions at very competitive prices. We are an Indian translation agency with our head office in New Delhi, India. We also have a branch in Connaught Place, New Delhi.
We render languages translation, transcription, subtitling and DTP services in more than 80 languages. We have been providing affordable, fast and professional multilingual translation solutions to the companies in various fields and sectors since 2011. Our language translation services are available 24/7 hours so no matter which country and time you are in. Our service is particularly noted for its skill, confidentiality and speed. This is why we have grown to become the preferred translation provider for leading organizations. Ideal Lingua Translation has been supplying translation services to medium and small businesses and major companies both at home and abroad. Ideal Lingua Translations is a leader among Indian translation companies placing emphasis on dedicated Project Management and excellent customer service.
Ideal Lingua Translations was established in 2011.
Ideal Lingua is an ISO 9001-2015 accredited company.
We combine the expertise of professional translators & interpreters, editors and project managers to provide expert solutions to each client's linguistic requirements. With constant innovation and a strong emphasis on quality, we have established a secure bond with clients from various backgrounds including automobile, marketing, e-Learning, law or pharmaceuticals, the life sciences, IT and telecommunications, finance, manufacturing and travel & tourism.

The Languages we translate:


Angami, Ao, Awadhi [Bihari], Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Bodo, Coorgi, English, Garo, Gujarati, Hindi, Hmar, Ho, Jaintia, Kannada, Kashmiri, Maithili, Manipuri, Mao-Naga, Marathi, Malayalam, Nagpuri, Nocte, Oriya, Panchparganiya, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

Burmese, Bangla, Cambodian, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Dari, Farsi, Indonesian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Malagasy, Malay, Nepali, Pashto, Sinhalese, Thai and Vietnamese.

Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Farsi(Persian), Hebrew, Hungarian, Irish, Israel, Latvian, Lithuanian, Mongolian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Somali, Swahili, Turkish, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Zulu, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Serbian, Swedish.

Our latest news

Desk Top Publishing (DTP)

Ideal Lingua Desktop Publishing services allows you the freedom to work in almost all common authoring and design software applications Microsoft Word Adobe Acrobat, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop, Quark Xpress, Corel Draw, Macromedia Freehand, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash.


Ideal Lingua Translation is the largest scientific, technical, medical, and humanities editing service in the world. We have subject-expert editors in hundreds of areas of study to correct your manuscript. Our staff specializes in language polishing and will carefully correct any errors in spelling, grammar, and word choice. After our work is completed, the language in your paper will be of publication quality.


Transcription services are available for – recorded interviews, conference calls, lectures, business meetings, focus groups, discussion, reports, teleconference, and all kinds of recorded materials. Accepting all file formats like mp3, wav, wma, mov, avi, mp4, flv, dss for transcribing into text. As a leading transcription service provider, with more than thousands satisfied customers globally, Ideal Lingua take the pride to become tantamount with delivering high standard and accurate transcripts to very competitive price.