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Desk Top Publishing (DTP):-

DTP is one of the most critical aspects of the documentation cycle. Ideal Lingua Translations is a premier Desktop Publishing company delivering a variety of DTP services to meet all your needs related to publishing. It ensures that your brochures, manuals, and documents are well formatted and aesthetically well laid-out.

ILT provides comprehensive Desktop Publishing services and can accept your file in any software format and deliver ready-to-publish files in any popularly used publishing software too. Your content or translated text in any language can be adapted to both on-line and off-line publishing through our Desktop Publishing services.

Ideal Lingua Desktop Publishing services allows you the freedom to work in almost all common authoring and design software applications. These include:
♦Microsoft Word
♦Adobe Acrobat
♦ Adobe PageMaker
♦Adobe FrameMaker
♦ Adobe Illustrator
♦Adobe Indesign
♦Adobe Photoshop
♦Quark Xpress
♦ Corel Draw
♦Macromedia Freehand
♦Macromedia Dreamweaver
♦ Macromedia Flash